Tuesday, March 5, 2013

So many questions...

The questions parade round my head
No peace, no rest, only mounting dread
When images of his last days crowd my thoughts
How could I have stopped him and spared this loss?

For months I questioned the God I love
“You could have stopped him, Your hand from above
A prompting from You, I would have gone to his side
I could have begged him, perfect words halt the tide
Of pain he was feeling and anguish of soul
Now it’s too late, his body no longer whole."

Regrets and sorrow over what could have been
Must I lay them to rest and only pretend?

Job, too, had his questions laid at Your feet
You answered from the whirlwind, his questions defeat
His friends assumptions of why God allowed
The death of his children… the suffering avowed.

Instead the questioning now came from You,
Was Job at creation when You made all new?
Was he God and able to understand Your plan?
Yet, see how you held him through all in Your hands!

Lord, help me cease striving and set this to rest
Be still, know He's God!  Stop putting Him to the test.

September 2012